How to pass an inspection

Cloudpermit provides inspectors with an inspection view to record the inspection and on-site visit results. The Inspection view is accessible from the application by selecting first the inspection request and setting the inspection request to Begin Visit step. After the inspection is completed, the inspection result will be saved. Cloudpermit automatically generates an email notification to an applicant with the result PDF.

In this section, you will learn how to pass an inspection. If it does not include any deficiencies, the visit can be passed. 

  1. The site visit is started.
  2. In the Inspection view, scroll to Inspection & Visit Results.
  3. Select the inspection type: On-Site - Communication only.
  4. Add internal notes (optional).
  5. Add site notes (optional).
  6. Select the result for a visit: Passed (Substantially complete).
  7. Add the time used for the inspection.
  8. Click Finish and Close Inspection.
  9.  Click Yes.
  10. The inspection is passed. The applicant has received an email notification regarding the inspection completed. The email includes the inspection results PDF. The inspection result is also visible in the Inspection view.

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