How to download an issued permit

This tutorial outlines how to find and download the issued permit in your application. Once the local government authority has decided to issue your permit, you will receive an email notification about your application's status change (Waiting for sign-off). The permit to be signed off is in your application's "Permits" section. After you have signed off your permit, it is immediately ready to be used.

Go to the "Permits" section.
Click "Download permit."

The file selector opens on your computer.
Select the folder to download your permit and save it.

The downloaded permit should look similar to the image beside. It may contain several pages.
Note that another way to access your building permit is to click the link included in the email from Cloudpermit notifying you that your application is now in the "Permit issued" status.
Once you have clicked on the link, log in to Cloudpermit and follow the instructions above.
Your permit application process is now completed.

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