How to submit an application previously applied on paper

This tutorial shows how to submit an application that has previously been applied on paper. You can enter old applications into Cloudpermit and select the original submission date instead of the one Cloudpermit automatically generates. 

Note that the status of the application becomes initially Draft, even though the submission date is already set. The Draft status is not overwritten after the status has later changed to Submitted.

Note: Only local government users can select this option. It is not available for applicants.

Create an application. See instructions for creating an application for a customer.

When you enter the Summary page of the application, there are three options available at the bottom of the summary page:
  • I´m an applicant
  • Create an application on behalf of a customer
  • Application already submitted (e.g., on paper or by email).
Select Application already submitted (e.g., on paper or by email).
The calendar picker opens.

Select the past Submission Date and Time on the calendar.

After finished, click Finish & Create.

Success - You are now navigating to the Application Workspace to continue with the application creation.

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