Release Notes 2021-08-10

New Features

Submitting an old application previously applied on a paper

Many times municipalities want to enter old permit applications into Cloudpermit. The ones that were submitted some time ago still on a paper. We made a small improvement, which allows municipality users to select original submission date instead of the one which Cloudpermit automatically generates.

When the application is being created, there's an option on the last page Application already submitted (e.g. on paper or by email) which allows to select past Submission date and time. Setting both of them is mandatory. Time is defaulted to current time but can be modified if the original time is known. Otherwise setting only known date and current time is fine.

Even with this option, the status of the application becomes initially Draft, but the Submission date is already set and will not be overwritten when the status is later on changed to Submitted.

Note: Only municipality users are able to select this option, not applicants.

New role-specific forms for US

Two new role-specific forms are added available for the US service. These are

  • Electric contractor information
  • Plumbing contractor information

When these are selected in the configuration for respective party roles, the forms will automatically appear when the Contractors are being invited or added in the application. Forms include information for the Contractors to fill in (such as Licence and Registration numbers).

Note 1: These selections are to be made by the municipality Administrator.

Note 2: Forms are only available in Cloudpermit US service

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Status of an attachment which is checked/approved by the municipality is now visible more prominently so that user don't need to open attachment details to see whether it's OK or not.

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