How to send a private message within an application

This tutorial shows how to send a private message to other participants or an authority assigned to the workspace. 

Direct messages are intended for a specific person and the recipient receives a note of the arrived message.
Note that even though direct messages are intended for a specific recipient, all local government users within the department have access to all direct message threads between local government users. However, parties to the application can only view the direct message threads in which they are either the sender or recipient.

Go to the Workspace, scroll down to the Results. Pick the application and click on the message icon on the application card.

You are navigating to the Message panel.
Switch from Public to the Direct message workspace by clicking Direct.

Select the person with whom you are having a conversation. 

After selecting the person, you can either reply to a previous message or send a new message. 

To reply, click Reply, enter the message and click the arrow on the right to send the message.

To start a new message, scroll down to the bottom of the page, type the message, and hit the arrow to send it off.

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