How to create a draft application after the pre-consultation is completed in the building permit process

This tutorial outlines how to create a building permit application for a pre-consultation request after the pre-consultation is completed.

In the Application Workspace, click the Begin Application button.

You are entering Application Workspace.
Go to the Application Data block. 
Select Work Type and Work Target from the drop-down menus.
Cloudpermit generates the required application(s) according to the selection above.

The applications appear under the Waiting for Customer - section. They are mandatory for an applicant to submit to the local government.
Navigate to the Attachments block.

Cloudpermit has populated the required attachment's information to the block according to the work type and target selection above.

You can also request additional attachments to be included in the application by clicking the Add Required Attachment + - button.

See instructions for adding attachments to the application.
This is the draft application the applicant must fill in, sign off and submit to the local government.

The draft application appears in the applicant´s workspace under Draft status.

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