How to review a pre-consultation request in building permit process

This tutorial outlines how to review a pre-consultation request in the building permit application process.

Find the application that remains in Requested (Pre-consultation) status in the workspace. Click Open Workspace to enter the Application Workspace.
In the Application Workspace, the pre-consultation request contains the following blocks:
  • Result block to where the pre-consultation results are recorded.
  • Parties to the Application block can invite other stakeholders, like architects, constructors, etc., to collaborate.
  • Project Data block contains information regarding the project (usually, an applicant has not filled it out beforehand).
  • Attachments block to which the applicant may have provided drawings and other attachments that may be important to understand the nature of the project.
  • Meetings block is for arranging pre-consultation meetings with stakeholders.

Click Begin Pre-consultation to start the process.

The status of the request has changed to In Progress.
Now, there also appears a Circulation block in the application.

Occasionally, the local government authority may collect public input from stakeholders, like the electricity company or the public works department, regarding the application that must be considered before issuing a building permit.
The local government authority can create circulation requests in this block if needed.
Check the draft application through.

Invite other parties to collaborate (if needed) in the Parties to the Application block.
Also, the applicant can invite parties to collaborate in the same block.
See instructions for inviting parties to collaborate in the application.

Check provided attachments in the Attachments block.

Occasionally, a meeting will be arranged with the parties involved where the applicant and other stakeholders can ask further questions regarding the project.

To create a meeting request for the parties:

Go to the Meetings block. Click Add Meeting.
The meeting request form opens.

Fill in:
  • Date of the meeting
  • Start time and end time

Click Save Changes.

The draft meeting request has been created.

Click Publish to confirm it.
The meeting request is now published, and the parties involved have received an email notification about it.

Once the meeting has declared closed, return to the meeting request.

Click the down-facing arrow to expand the form.
Enter meeting notes, or use pre-configured phrases from the drop-down menus (select first the category and then the phrase).

Click Save Changes.

Click Mark as Held.

All parties receive an email notification declaring the meeting held.
Once you have completed the pre-consultation review, you can also record the results into it.

Go to the Result block and expand it by clicking Open.

Enter results or use the preconfigured phrase from the drop-down menus:

Select an item from the All Categories drop-down menu.
Then, select a phrase from the Select Phrase drop-down menu.

The applicant receives the pre-consultation results in the mailbox.
Once pre-consultation is completed, click Complete Pre-consultation.
A confirmation dialog opens. Click Yes.
Success - You have completed the pre-consultation request review.

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