How to request a pre-consultation

This tutorial outlines how to request a pre-consultation for the construction project before submitting a permit application.

While all building plans for new developments need permission from the local government, the Cloudpermit service includes a pre-consultation function that allows an applicant to ask the local government authorities questions regarding the building permit process within the municipality.

The forum also allows the authorized staff to clarify the application process for the applicant and other stakeholders.

The pre-consulting is voluntary in the building permit process. However, it is accessible for any applicant on Cloudpermit.

In the dashboard, click Create a New Application.

Enter a name for the project and continue to the next phase by clicking Next.
Select the province and municipality of the property location from the drop-down menus.
Point with a mouse the property's location on the map.
After finding the desired property, the property address sheet opens on the right.

Proceed to the next phase by clicking Next.
Select application type.
Select project type, category, work type, and work target.

There appears a notification on the bottom left:
Do you require a pre-consultation before a permit application?

The answer No has been selected by default.

Switch to Yes to start the pre-consultation request process.
Note that choosing the pre-consultation process, you are not applying for a permit yet.

Click Next to proceed.
Read the summary page carefully and confirm it by clicking Finnish & Create.
You are entering the Application Workspace.

The progress bar under the Pre-consultation section shows that the application is a draft version.
You can add attachments, for example, architectural drawings and other drawings, which may be beneficial for stakeholders to understand the nature of the building projects better.
Attachments can be added in the Attachments block.
See instructions for adding attachments to the application.
You can invite other parties to collaborate during the pre-consultation phase in the Parties to the Application block.

See instructions for inviting parties to collaborate on the pre-consultation request.

The next step in the pre-consultation process is that you must request the pre-consultation from the local government.

Click the Request Pre-consultation button on the right.
Success -The pre-consultation request has been sent to the local government authority. 

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