Release Notes 2021-07-20

New features

An inspection report PDF is sent automatically via email after the inspection visit is completed

When an inspection visit is completed, Cloudpermit sends out an email with an inspection report (PDF) attached to it. The email is sent to the applicants, property owners and the user who has requested the inspection. Municipality admin users can create and manage different templates for the report and if there are multiple templates, the inspectors can select which template to use for the report.

By default there is one template, which the Admin user must enable and also modify if necessary.


We are happy to announce a few beneficial improvements for the existing functions.

  • The payment receipt template includes new information placeholders. The following information can be added in the payment receipts:
    • Location information, such as roll number, street address, municipality, zip code
    • Permit number
  • Occupancy status does not exist when the occupancy inspection is not needed
    • Previously, most of the permits possessed occupied status, even though there was no occupancy or an occupancy inspection. Because of the existence of the occupancy status, the applicant side received unnecessary status change notifications, and the inspectors had to click through the statuses that were not supposed to be visible. 
    • Now, the occupancy status does not exist in applications that does not have occupancy inspection.
  • All unread messages can be marked as read at once
    • The new "Mark all messages as read" button is helpful for users who has a large number of unread messages to reset, for example, when returning from a long holiday, or there is a new user in the municipality who has a huge pile of messages waiting.
  • "Status changed" email notification is sent to the applicant after application status is changed to Draft
    • Previously, after the reviewer returned the application to draft status because of an incomplete application, there was no notification to the applicant for the status change and the applicant might have missed that they have actions to do.
    • This improvement brings the email notification available for an applicant after the status has been changed back to Draft.

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