How to acknowledge receipt of an upfront payment

This tutorial shows how to acknowledge receipt of an upfront payment. The Applicant has paid the bill online.

Go to the "Fees & Payments" section. Select the bill and click "Set as paid." Note that the paid bill appears under the "Unpaid" section. Select the "Payer name in the recipe" and "Payment method" from the drop-down menu. Click "Set as paid." Cloudpermit will generate the receipt of the payment. The paid-on date appears on the top of the bill.
The invoice and the receipt are downloadable in the section. The receipt should look similar to the image below. Email notifications about the payment confirmation are sent to Applicant, Property Owner, and Payer. Applicants can download the recipe in their "Fees & Payments" section. After the local government authority has confirmed they received payment, the status of the application changes according to its process phase. 

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