How to acknowledge receipt of an upfront payment

Cloudpermit provides authorities the ability to manage fees and payments. The Fees & Payments section is visible to applicants and authorities. Applicants can pay permit bills online and have receipts saved in applications. Authorities may manage all fees and payment actions. Some application types may require an upfront payment. After the Applicant has paid the upfront bill (by cash, cheque, credit card, e-transfer), the authority must acknowledge they received payment in the application.

In this section, you will learn how to acknowledge a receipt of an upfront payment.

  1. In the Application workspace, scroll down to Fees & Payments.
  2. Select the bill. The paid bills are in the Unpaid section because they haven't been acknowledged yet.
  3. Click Set as Paid.

4. Select the payer whose name will appear in the recipe.

5. Select the payment method.

6. Click Set as paid.

7. Cloudpermit will generate the receipt of the payment. The paid-on date appears on the top of the bill.

8. The invoice and the receipt are downloadable in the section.9. The receipt should look similar to the image below. 10. Email notifications regarding the payment confirmation are sent to Applicant, Property Owner, and Payer. Applicants can download the recipe in the application's Fees & Payments section.  

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