Workspace|Linking an existing workspace to another workspace

Cloudpermit allows users to link an existing workspace to another workspace. It happens in the workspace header by selecting the functionality from the More Actions drop-down list. The linked workspace must share the same property and be accessible by a user. The functionality is available to all Cloupermit solutions.

This tutorial explains how to link an existing workspace to another workspace in Cloudpermit. It also describes removing the linked workspace and connecting to other workspaces from the current application workspace.

  1. Navigate to the More Actions drop-down in the workspace header.
  2. Select Link to an existing workspace.
  3. Select the properties which you wish to link and click Link and Close.
  4. The linked workspaces appear under the Related Workspaces section in the application workspace.
  5. Remove the linked workspace by clicking the three dots (...) at the end of the row and choosing the Remove link option. The connected workspace will be removed from the Related Workspaces section.
  6. Select the linked workspace and click the arrow to enter its workspace.
  7. You will enter the selected workspace. The Related Workspaces section is displayed in all linked workspaces.
  8.  If you need to link other workspaces to the current one, click Add Links. 
  9. Select the workspace and click Link and Close.
  10. The linked workspace appears under the Related Workspaces section.

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