How to add an additional property to the application first time

This tutorial outlines how to add a new property to the application first time.

Go to the Application Workspace by finding the desired application in the Workspace and clicking Open Workspace on the application card.
Navigate to the More Actions -drop-down menu in the Application Workspace and select Add Additional Property from the list.
The GIS map view opens. The current property location is pinned on the map.

To find a property, there are two options available.

Option 1:
Pointing the property on the map:

  • Click with the mouse on the map. The GIS data populates you with the matching map view and shows the property´s details under the map. 
  • You can zoom in and out on the map. 
  • Once selected the correct property, click Add Additional Property.

Option 2:

Searching the property by address:

  • Search for the specific property by entering its address in the address field. 
  • The GIS system populates you with a list of best-matching properties. 
  • Pick the desired one and confirm it by clicking Add Additional Property that appears at the bottom right side.

There appears now a new block called Additional Properties in the Application Workspace.
The newly added property details appear in the application´s detail part on the top.
The previous property details have moved inside the Additional Properties block.

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