How to submit property data manually if not found automatically

This tutorial outlines how to submit property data manually during the application creation if the GIS system does not automatically return the data.

Occasionally, when a location is selected for a subject property, gaps in the GIS data may appear, which results in a situation 'Property information not found.'

On Cloudpermit, entering the property information manually in the GIS system that does not return the necessary data is possible. 

You can enter the following search criteria for the subject property:

  • Civic address
  • Roll number
  • Legal description

When the missing data has been entered, the user can continue creating a new application, and the municipal authority can correct the property data if needed. 

Step 1:

Follow the instructions for creating a building permit application until step 4.

If you encounter the information that GIS cannot populate the property data for your selection, click the line. You can also enter property details manually.
Step 2:

Fill out all the fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
Once done, click Next.
You will navigate the application and project type selection page.

Continue to create a building permit as instructed in creating a building permit application from step 5.

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