How to add a review request to the application

Once the Applicant has submitted the application in Cloudpermit, the review process begins in the Application workspace. The municipal authority set the application to In Review step. Sometimes, a local government authority may need an expert assessment from a specific building and zoning professional for the building permit application, its works, and its target. Such review types include, for example, architectural, documenting, zoning, mechanical plans reviews, and general application reviews.

This section will teach you how to add a review request to the application.

  1. Scroll down to Reviews.
  2. Select the Review type from the drop-down menu:
    • CBO review
    • Application in general
    • Architectural plans review
    • Zoning review

       3. Select the Reviewer from the drop-down menu.

       4. Click Save Review Request.

     5. The Reviewer will receive an email notification regarding the request. The notification also appears in the user's Tasks and requests section in the Dashboard.

    6. The application step will remain In Review until all reviews are completed.

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