How to add a permit bill to the application

After the applicant has submitted the application in Cloudpermit, the review process begins. The municipal authority sets the application to In Review step and validates its data. After the review is completed, the authority will create a permit bill for the application and add a draft permit. After the bill is paid, the authority acknowledges the payment. Some application types will automatically issue the permit. Some application types required the Applicant to sign off on the permit. After that, Cloudpermit automatically issues the permit. The draft and issued permit appear in the Permits section of the application.

In this section, you will learn how to add a permit bill to the application.

  1. In the Application workspace, scroll down to Fees & Payments.
  2. Click Add Permit Bill +.
  3. Select the fee item from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the payer's name. The selection in the drop-down menu includes all stakeholders that have been invited to the application.
  5. Click Confirm Bill. Once you have confirmed your bill, you cannot modify it afterward. The Applicant will receive an email notification about the application's status change (Payment). Also, the Applicant, Payer, and Property Owner will see the bill in the application.
  6. Click Confirm Bill.
  7. The permit bill is now created for the application.s

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