How to send a new direct message and reply to it within an application

This tutorial shows how to send a new direct message and reply within an application message panel. See also instructions for using the message center on Cloudpermit.

Go to the Application Workspace.
Check that you have enabled email notifications.
If not, go to the Email Notifications switch and toggle to Yes.

Click Show Messages - link.
A message panel opens on the right.

Switch to Direct.

Direct messages are intended for a specific person(s), meaning the recipient is notified.

Even though the direct messages are intended for a specific recipient, all municipal users within the department have access to all direct message threads between municipal users.
However, the parties to the application can only view direct message threads in which they are either the sender or recipient.

Click the Send a New Direct Message -button.
There appears a list of all parties involved in the application.
Usually, there may only appear the applicant´s name.

Select the party from the list to whom you want to send a direct message.

The selected party´s name appears in the view.

Enter the message in the text field at the bottom and hit the arrow to send it.
The sent message appears on the top of the message thread.
Once the applicant receives the message and replies to it, the response shows in the same thread.

Note that there can be several message threads in the same view.

You can reply to the applicant's response by clicking REPLY, entering text in the text field, and clicking the arrow to send it off.

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