How to add an application to the Council and Committee meeting's agenda

This tutorial shows how to add the application to the Council and Committee meeting's agenda. The purpose of the meeting is to approve, refuse, or defer the planning application. The application is in the "Approval" status.

Scroll to the "Council and Committee Meetings" section and expand it.
Click "Add workspace to a meeting+."
Select "Meeting type" from the drop-down menu. 
Select "Meeting date."

Type in a description of the meeting, for example, an agenda with items.

Click "Add."
You have now added the application to the "Council and Committee" meeting agenda.

You can edit the meeting description by clicking "Edit."

If you want to remove the application from the meeting workspace, click "Remove from the meeting."

See instructions for removing the meeting from the Council and Committee meeting's workspace.

The meeting request is also visible in your "My dashboard" under the respective meeting type section.

Click the "Date" section to enter the meeting section.
The meeting is in the "Meetings" list view.

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