How to create a draft approval application after the pre-consultation

This tutorial walks you through creating a draft application for an approval request after the pre-consultation is completed. Usually, a local government authority creates the draft approval application during the pre-consultation phase. If it is not made, it is also possible to create on Cloudpermit right after the pre-consultation has been completed. Note that the draft application is necessary to include.

Step 1: Find the application under Draft in your workspace and click Open Workspace to enter the Application Workspace.
Step 2: The required task progress bar shows that the application is missing. Go to the Application section and expand it by clicking Open.

Step 3: Select Work Type from the drop-down menu. Next, select Work Target from the drop-down menu.
Cloudpermit generates the application according to the selection under the Waiting for a Customer tab.

Cloudpermit automatically saves the application.
Success - You have now created an application for the applicant to fulfill.

The Required Tasks progress bar shows for an applicant the tasks that must be completed to proceed.

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