How to create a circulation request

This tutorial shows how to create a circulation request for a planning approval application. The stakeholders may need the circulation to analyze the planning project's impact on, for example, the environment, infrastructure, or traffic. Usually, the parties in the circulation process are the government agencies and departments such as fire and utility departments, building departments, engineering departments, conservation authorities, electricity and gas companies.  

Step 1:
Go to the Circulation block. To add a new circulation request, click Open to expand the block.
A circulation request form opens.
Step 2:  
Select Due Date from the calendar. Enter a request description (optional).

There are two drop-down menus under Add New Stakeholder:

1. Select the organization where you want to send the circulation request from the Request circulation from (organization) drop-down menu. The organization appears under the Send Request to -section.

2. Select a person to whom you want to send the request from the Person to send the request to - drop-down menu.
The selected person´s name appears under Send Request to -section.

Click Send Circulation Request.

The circulation request is now completed, and it appears in the Circulation block. Also, the circulation request notification has been sent to the assignee´s email address.

Click the down-facing arrow on the left of the request. It opens the detailed form.

You can still cancel the request by clicking the Cancel Request -button on the right.

Otherwise, close the Circulation block by clicking the Close -button on the right.

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