What is circulation in the planning approval process?

Planning approval, or development approval, assesses land or property's proposed use, activity, or development. The planning approval process is comprehensive because the planning approval usually may concern the impacts of the proposed land use, on-site activities, or development upon the surrounding land uses and neighboring properties. The target is to ensure that the whole is in harmony with surrounding uses.

The circulation phase comes after the applicant has submitted the planning approval application to the local government authority. The planning change plan may require other stakeholders within the municipality to consider the approval of the planning application before the process can continue. 

The local government authority administrator has configured the required circulation instances into Cloudpermit. Usually, they include fire, gas, and electricity departments, conservation authorities, etc. They must consider the planning change´s impacts on the municipality´s infrastructure before the local government authority may continue the approval process.

The local government authority will evaluate each planning approval application separately. If the nature of the planning approval application requires more consultation from the other stakeholders, the authority will start a circulation process on Cloudpermit. 

The local government authority creates a circulation request to the respective department or, if needed, many departments using the same request form. The responsible authority of each department receives an email notification regarding the pending circulation request.

After the circulation has been completed, the responsible authority of the department provides a report with a statement regarding the subject on Cloudpermit. The report is also visible to the applicant. 

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