How to complete the review request

This tutorial outlines how a reviewer will complete the assigned review request. The approval application remains In Review status until all the review request(s) regarding the application have been completed. Only then, the Draft Approval function becomes active.

The reviewer has received an email notification about the review request.

The reviewer finds the respective approval application In Review status in the workspace and opens it to the Application Workspace.

In the Application Workspace, the reviewer goes to the Reviews block where the request is waiting. 
Step 1: 
After hitting Begin Review, the list of all review requests opens.
Expand the request by clicking the down-facing arrow.
Select Review Result from the drop-down menu.
Select Category and Phrase from the drop-down menu.
Click Save & End.

If you cannot complete the review right away, click Save&Continue Later.

If you must reassign the review request, click Reassign Review.
Step 2: 
After hitting Save&End, a confirmation dialog appears. Select End Review.
The review is now completed. The confirmation appears in the Review section.
The applicant will receive a notification about it via email.
You can now continue to the next phase: Draft Approval.

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