How to create a condition

This tutorial outlines how to create a condition for a planning application. The application is In Circulation status.

The Conditions block appears in the application under In Circulation status and after that until the application is moved to In Approval status.

Sometimes, the planning approval may need some condition(s) to be fulfilled before the approval is acceptable and the review process can continue. Some conditions may also stay open after the approval, and they are signed off later in the process.

Step 1:
Click Open to expand the Conditions block.

The conditions form opens.

Step 2: 
Enter a description of the condition.
Select Sign-off department from the drop-down menu list.

The Sign-off department means what department's users can sign off the condition completed in Cloudpermit.
The planning department's users can always sign off a condition.

Select Conditions phrase from the drop-down menu list. You can also type a phrase manually.

Click Add Condition.
The created condition appears in the Condition block.
The applicant has received an email about it.

Conditions also appear in the reports that are created in Cloudpermit.
The conditions in Draft status are not yet showing to the applicants. 

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