How to request changes to the planning application during the initial review

This tutorial outlines how to request changes to the planning application during the initial review before deeming it complete. The change request functionality appears in the sign-off form. The change request will return the application to the Draft status. Thus, the applicant must provide all required changes, sign off, and resubmit the application, which will also reset the time of submission.

Step 1:
Find the application under Submitted status in the Dashboard.
Click Open Workspace to redirect to the Application Workspace.
Step 2: 
Go carefully through the application block by block.
Check that the required parties are correctly present.
Check that application data is correctly provided and the fees are paid.
Go through the attachments.
Step 3:
Go to the Planning Approval section.
Open the More Actions drop-down.
Select Go to Sign Off View from the drop-down menu list.
You will enter the sign-off form that the applicant has filled out.

Step 4: 
Go through the sign-off form. If you see that the application cannot be deemed as complete, click the Need Changes button.
Step 5:
A confirmation dialog opens.
Enter a short note about what needs to be changed.
Confirm the request by clicking Yes.
The application´s status has changed to Draft.
The applicant receives an email notification about the change request.

See also instructions for deeming as complete the approval application.

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