Release Notes 2021-06-29

New Features

Use "Quick pass" as an alternative method for passing an inspection

We are now supporting quick and easy passing of simple inspections. Using our standard workflow of starting a visit, adding documentation, deficiencies, notes, results, selecting report templates etc might feel too much, if the inspection is simply a quick look to check that a required task has been completed on the site. 

Quick pass starts from the inspector's MyToday view and it takes only 2-3 clicks to complete an inspection. When you want to do proper documentation, the standard mobile inspection workflow is always available as an option. Actually, starting an inspection is also easier than before. Simply tap anywhere on an inspection "card" with your finger and the view opens.

Quick pass is not available on the MyToday view by default. Department's admin user can switch on the feature in the inspections view in the admin menu.

Allpaid online payment is now integrated to Cloudpermit 

We have added a new online payment service as an option. If your department has chosen Allpaid as the online payment provider, our Customer Success Managers can help you to set up the online payments for you. 

Limit the amounts that can be payed with an online credit card payment

Sometimes the permit bill can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars, especially if it includes development charges. To mitigate the risks or high commissions with credit card payments, Cloudpermit has now a configurable limit for online credit card payments. For all the bills that are above the limit, Cloudpermit provides the over-the-counter option. 


  • Bills have an improved layout. If you have defined fee grouping (e.g. Development charges, Permit Fees, Indemnities, ...), Cloudpermit shows a subtotal amount for each group in the bill.
  • Reviewing and managing the individual fees in a draft bill has been made easier. Now the fee items are grouped and sorted in an alphanumeric order and they look the same way as in the confirmed version of the same bill. 
  • Workspace status has been added in the Inspection and Site visits reports. This will help you to get a better overall picture of the status of all inspection and to find permits that might not have been moved to the correct status. 

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