How to start draft approval review and approve the application

This tutorial shows how to perform the draft approval review and approve the approval application. The local government has requested changes for the Applicant's plans and resubmitted the approval. The approval is now in the "Draft approval review" status.

The local government authority reviews the resubmission. The submission may also go back to the "Circulation" phase.

The local government authority may also create a new draft report to request further comments, changes, and clarifications to the application.

If the application is ready for decision making, the local government authority sets the application to the "In approval" status. 

Click "Begin approval." 

The status step changes to "In approval."

During the "In approval," the application moves to the planning authority's Committee and Council meeting(s) to decide.
Reports will be published, public notices will be made, and meetings will be held.

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Some approval applications may require upper-tier approval. If needed in your application, the action button "Upper-tier approval" will appear on it. 

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 Now, you are ready to approve your application. Click "Approve."

Success - You have now approved your approval application.

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