How to begin and perform a draft approval

This tutorial walks you through how to begin and perform a draft planning approval process. The draft approval application has now moved to Draft Approval status. 

Step 1:
Find the approval application under Draft Approval status in your workspace and open it.
Step 2:
In the Application Workspace, click Begin Approval.
The status of the application has now changed from Draft Approval to In Approval.
Step 3:
Validate the data provided by the applicant and other stakeholders.

All conditions (if any) must be checked and approved. 
You can also arrange Council and Committee meetings and add agreement(s) if needed.

Step 4:
If any conditions are open, they must be confirmed before completing the application.

Check off the Condition signed-off - checkbox.
The condition is now closed.

Step 5:
If needed, arrange Council and Committee meetings for the approval meetings.

Go to the Council and Committee Meetings block. 
Add the meeting details and click Add.
The confirmation appears in the Council and Meetings block.

Step 6:
If needed, upload necessary agreement(s) in the Agreement block.
After the approval has been completed, proceed with clicking Approve.
Success - The approval has now been approved.
Refresh the browser to active the progress bar status.
Step 7:
Click Fulfillment
After all necessary information on the approval application has been confirmed, click Set as Finished.
The confirmation dialog pops up. Confirm by clicking Yes.
The Fulfillment phase is now completed. 

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