How to resubmit a planning approval application after the draft approval

This tutorial outlines how to resubmit a planning approval application to the draft approval review. The local government authority has reviewed the application earlier and provided a report of it. The applicant has made the required changes and clarifications and is ready to resubmit the approval application to the local government authority.

Step 1:
Find the approval application under Draft Approval status in your Dashboard.
Click Open Workspace to go to the Application Workspace.

Step 2:
Go to the Reports block, open it and click Download Report.
The report will be converted to PDF.
It is the same report the local government authority has provided after reviewing the draft approval.
Step 3:
Validate the data in the application. You can, for example, download new versions of the attachments or add new attachments.
Step 4:
After reviewing the draft approval application and providing your response, click Submit to Review.
The application has now been resubmitted to the local government authority.
The new status of the application is Draft Approval Review.

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