How to set your draft planning approval application to "Draft Approval Review"

This tutorial shows how to review your draft planning approval application.

After the circulation phase, the approval requires the application and plans review.

Click "Begin review" in the "Application" workspace. The status of your approval application turns to "Draft approval."Review the following sections:

  • Parties to the Application
  • Application Data
  • Attachments
  • Reports (if any) 
  • Reviews (if any)

If the "Review" section includes any draft reviews, remove them by expanding the "Reviews" section and selecting "Remove."
The "Draft approval" button will remain inactive in the "Application" workspace if you do not remove them now. Scroll up the view and click "Draft approval."

Click "Yes." Your approval application is now in "Draft approval." Go to the "Reports" section to view any published reports. Click the "Open" link to enter the report.The published report is also visible and downloadable to the Applicant.

To return to your application, click "Return application."

The next step in the approval process will be the "Draft Approval Review." You can start it by clicking "Submit to review."

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