How to review a planning approval application

This tutorial walks you through the review of the planning approval application. The status in the approval application will now change from In Circulation to In Review.

Step 1:
Find the subject application that remains In Circulation status in your workspace. Click Open Workspace.
You will redirect to the Application Workspace.
Step 2:
Click Begin Review to start reviewing the application. 
Step 3:
Validate the following in the application:
  • Parties to the Application
  • Application Data
  • Attachments
  • Reports (if any)
  • Reviews (if any)

If there are any draft reviews, remove them by expanding the Reviews block and selecting Delete.

If you do not remove them from there, the Draft Approval- button will remain inactive.

Step 4:
To start the draft approval process on the application, go to the Draft Approval - button and click on it.

A confirmation dialog opens. Confirm it by clicking Yes.

The application´s status has changed to Draft Approval.

Step 5: 
Go to the Reports block and expand it by clicking Open.

There is the published report of the circulation process.

If you wish to download the report, click the Download Report - link. The system converts it into PDF.

To reveal the report, click the Open with an arrow -icon on the right.
Here is the report that has been generated after the circulation phase has been completed. The report is also available for the applicant.

You can navigate the Application Workspace by clicking Return to Application -button on the top of the page.
The applicant will receive an email that the draft approval report is available and downloadable in the respective application´s workspace.

The next step in the process will be In Draft Approval Review.

Step 6: 
Click Submit to Review to continue the process.

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