Actions you can perform in the application´s circulation phase

This tutorial walks you through the circulation process and gives you ideas of what actions you can perform on the Cloudpermit in the application´s circulation phase. Not all provided steps are mandatory. Pick up the ones you will need to perform and complete during the application´s circulation phase.

The stakeholders may need the circulation to analyze the planning project's impact on, for example, the environment, infrastructure, or traffic. Usually, the parties in the circulation process are the government agencies and departments such as fire and utility departments, building departments, engineering departments, conservation authorities, electricity and gas companies. 

At this stage, the status of the approval application remains in Application Complete. Turn the status to In Circulation to start the circulation process.

Step 1:
Find the application under Application Complete status in your Dashboard and click Open Workspace on the application card.
You will redirect to the Application Workspace.
Click Start Circulation.
Step 2:
Go to the Circulation block. Click Add Circulation Request.
A circulation request form opens.

Select Due Date from the calendar. Enter a request description (optional).

There are two drop-down menus under Add New Stakeholder:

1. Select the organization where you want to send the circulation request from the Request circulation from (organization) drop-down menu. The organization appears under the Send Request to -section.

2. Select a person to whom you want to send the request from the Person to send the request to - drop-down menu.
The selected person´s name appears under Send Request to -section.

Click Send Circulation Request.
The circulation request is now completed. It appears in the Circulation block.

Click the down-facing arrow on the left of the request. It opens the detailed form.

You can still cancel the request by clicking the Cancel Request -button on the right.

Otherwise, close the Circulation block by clicking the Close -button on the right.

Sometimes, planning approval may need conditions based on the stakeholder comments from the circulation. If so, follow the step below. Otherwise, go to step 4.

Step 3: 
Go to the Conditions block. 
Click Open to expand the block.
Click Create a Condition. 

The Conditions form opens.

Select the Sign off department from the drop-down menu list.
Select the pre-configured condition phrase from the drop-down menu list.

The system populates the selected phrase (a condition description) into the Condition Text Preview field.

Click Add Condition.

The created condition appears in the Conditions block.
You can still edit the draft condition by clicking the Edit -button.
Step 4:
Go to the Reports block and expand it by clicking Open.
The draft report section opens. Click Open on the right to expand the section. 

Go to Draft Recommendations.
Select the phrase from the drop-down menu list (if needed).

Go to Revisions and Clarifications.
Select the phrase from the drop-down menu list (if needed).

Add comments (if applicable) under the Circulation Comments section.

If needed, you can also delete the draft report by clicking the Delete Report - button.

Otherwise, scroll up the page and click Return to Application.


If the approval application requires another review, you can request it in the Review block.

Step 5:
Go to the Reviews block and click the down-facing arrow to expand the block.

Select the reviewer from the drop-down menu. Enter a description, if applicable.
Click the Save Review Request button.

If no other review is needed, remove the draft plans review request from the form by clicking Remove.
A confirmation dialog opens. Click Remove.
The approval application is now ready for the Draft Approval Review.

See instructions for reviewing the approval application.

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