Application complete|How to deem the planning approval application complete

The Applicant has submitted the approval application to the municipal planning department. The planning authority reviews it and verifies that the required data is provided. The approval application is in the Submitted status during the initial check. 

The selected workspace card shows the due days on which the municipality has to deem the application complete. By clicking Open Workspace, an Authority will enter the Application workspace.

The workspace header includes the application number and the date and time the application has been submitted. 

The Application workspace contains the processing time calculator. An Authority may adjust the date or pause the calculation by selecting them from the Actions drop-down menu.

Check the application data form in the Application Data section.

Scroll down to Attachments and check the attachments provided by the Applicant to see if they contain enough information to determine that the application can be deemed complete.

Usually, the approval bill will be added to the application during the initial check. Scroll to Fees & Payments. Click Add approval bill.

Select the fee item from the Add new fee item drop-down menu and the payer from the Payer name in receipt* drop-down menu. Click Confirm bill.

After confirming your bill, it will be visible to the Payer, and you cannot modify it afterward. The Applicant/Payer will receive an email notification with an invoice about the outstanding payment. Click Confirm bill.

The bill is now published, and the invoice PDF has been generated. The Applicant will also have the payment instructions provided by the municipality. After the payment is acknowledged, click Set as Paid.

Select the payer, date of payment, and payment method. Click Set as Paid. 

Cloudpermit generates a receipt PDF and sends an email notification to the Applicant.

Deeming as complete

You have now done your initial checks for the application. Scroll up the view and click Deem to Complete.

The application has been deemed complete.

The processing time has changed from the initial time to the next due date.

The next step will be the circulation step.

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