How to pay your planning approval application

This tutorial outlines how to pay your planning approval application. Your approval application is in the "Payment" status.

In your application workspace, click "Submit upon payment."
Your upfront bill is in the "Fees and payments" section.
All fee items are listed in the bill. 
  • Click "Pay online."
Go to the "Pay with Your Credit Card" section and fill out the required data: 
  • Cardholder Name
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiry Date (MMYY)
  • Email.

Click "Pay With Your Credit Card." 

Note that your local government authority or your service provider may have limited the total amount paid by your credit card. If you face any issues by paying online, contact your local government authority or your bank that issued the credit card.

The payment is being processed.
Once the payment process is completed, you will have a downloadable receipt of your payment.
Click "Download receipt." 
Your receipt is now converted to PDF.  


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