How to complete the draft planning application data

This tutorial outlines how to fill out the draft planning approval application data after the pre-consultation is completed. The local government authority has created a draft approval application for an applicant to complete. The approval application remains in Draft status.

Step 1:
Find the draft planning approval application under Draft status in your workspace.
Click Open Workspace.
You will enter the Application Workspace.

Go to the Planning Approval section.

The required tasks to complete regarding the planning approval application appear there.

The question mark symbolizes the status of the task. It remains in red until the required job has been completed. Then, it turns green.
On the right of the required tasks bar, there are descriptions for each task and its requirements.

Step 2:
Go to the Parties to the Application block and expand it by clicking Open.
There is an applicant's card available.

The Parties' task in the Required Tasks progress bar states that the required parties in this application are the property owner and agent.
To add the missing parties to the card, click the pencil icon on the applicant´s card to open it in edit mode.
Step 3:
Add the missing parties (property owner, agent) to the card from the drop-down menu.
Click Close.
The required parties appear now on the card. The requested task symbol under the Planning Approval section has turned green (completed).
Step 4:
Go to the Application Data block.
Expand it by clicking Open.

Now, you must fill in the application for a site plan approval.
Click anywhere on the application to open the application form.
Step 5:
Fill in all the mandatory fields marked with a red Asterix (*).
Choose the metric value (if applicable) from the switch.

Once completed, click the Return to Application - button.
Cloudpermit automatically saves all the changes in the form.
Step 6:
Go to the Attachments block and expand it by clicking Open.

The required attachments of the application type are listed there.
Go to the drop zone. You can either drag and drop files here or insert them from your computer by clicking the Click here -link.

After selecting attachments from your folders, you must choose the attachment type for each of them from the drop-down menu list.
Drawing numbers and descriptions are optional to fill out.
Click Done.
The added attachment(s) appear in the Attachments section. The color code in the required attachment tab has turned green.
Once all required attachments have been added, the required tasks in the Attachments tab are completed. 
Go to The Required Tasks progress bar. It shows that all required tasks have now been completed.
The applicant has successfully provided the application data.
The planning approval application is now ready to proceed to the next phase that is signing off and submitting the application.

See instructions for signing off the planning approval application.

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