How to create and publish a pre-consultation meeting

This tutorial outlines how to create and publish a pre-consultation meeting.

Step 1: Find the application in your dashboard that is under Requested (Pre-consultation) status. Click Open Workspace.

Step 2: You will enter the Application Workspace. Click Begin Pre-consultation.

Step 3: Check the Project data is available. Go to the Meetings block and click Add a Meeting.

Step 4: Fill in the date of the meeting, start time, and end time. Type a short description of the meeting topic.

Step 5: Enter any notes under the Meeting Notes (optional). Go to the Category and Select Phrases drop-down menus and choose the appropriate text phrases.

The selected phrases appear under the Meeting Notes. You can modify them if needed. Click Save Changes.

The draft meeting request has been created.

You can still delete the draft meeting request by clicking Delete Meeting. A confirmation dialog appears. Click Yes. The meeting request has been deleted.

You must still publish the draft meeting.

Step 6: Click Publish to confirm the draft meeting request and bring it out.


See instructions for marking as held the pre-consultation meeting.

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