How to complete a pre-consultation request

This tutorial outlines how to complete the pre-consultation request.

Usually, the pre-consultation includes meetings between the proponents and the local government authorities. The pre-consultation meeting allows authorities and other stakeholders to provide preliminary comments on the development proposal and identify possible critical issues. They can also comment on the approvals required and confirm the supporting information, materials, and studies submitted with the planning application to be considered complete under the Planning Act.

Click "Begin pre-consultation" in the pre-consultation workspace.

How to add a meeting request:
Go to the "Meetings" section and click "Add meeting+."

 Fill out the mandatory fields:

  • Date of the meeting
  • Start time
  • End time
  • The topic of the meeting

The municipality may have configured data in the Categories and Phrases drop-down menus to be added to the Meeting Notes (optional).

If needed, select category data and a phrase from the drop-down menus. You can also enter your text into the text field.

Click "Save changes." You have now scheduled your draft pre-consultation meeting.

If needed, delete this draft meeting request by clicking "Delete."

To proceed with your meeting request, click "Publish."
The Applicant will receive an email notification about the meeting request. Once the pre-consultation meeting has been held, you must close the meeting request in Cloudpermit.
Go to the "Meeting request." Add meeting notes (optional). Click "Mark as held." How to add a circulation request:
The pre-consultation request may need circulation, for example, from the fire department.
Go to the "Circulation" section and click "Add circulation request+."By default, the "Circulation" request is visible to authorities and all assigned stakeholders.

You can decide additional visibilities, like "all stakeholders" and "all applicants," by checking those options in the request form. Fill out:

  • Due date
  • Request description

The local government administration has pre-configured the organization selection.

  • Select the organization from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the person to send the request from the drop-down menu. The agency or department configures this selection. 

Click "Add new +". Click "Send circulation request." Success - You have now requested the circulation for the project.How to add results to the pre-consultation application:
Go to the "Result" section and expand it.
Type in the results of the pre-consultation.
You can add more text later as you proceed with the pre-consultation.
The results text will become visible and sent to the applicants once you complete the pre-consultation phase.
You can also use the configured text phrases (optional) from the drop-down menus in the "result form" section.
See instructions for using Commonly Used Phrases.
Cloudpermit automatically saves your text.
Applicants and involved stakeholders will receive an email notification about the published results. How to create a draft application:
Now you must create a draft application. Click "Begin application." Click the phase status bar "Application."Add required application data in the "Application data" section. How to add results:
Go to the "Results" section. Type your texts in the text field. Cloudpermit automatically saves your text. Click "Complete pre-consultation." Click "Yes."

Success - You have now completed the pre-consultation process. The pre-consultation request has moved to the "Completed" status. The Applicant and all other parties involved in the pre-consultation process will receive an email notification. 

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