How to use My Today

This tutorial outlines how My Today helps local government users view and track upcoming events.  

My Today is located in the Dashboard, right under the Inspections section.

If you cannot locate the Inspections section, you may not be identified as a part of the inspector group within your municipality.
In this case, contact the Cloudpermit administrator to verify it.

Once added to the user group, the Inspections section with My Today should appear in your Dashboard.

Click My Today under Inspections to navigate to the section.

The My Today view houses all inspections and events assigned to you.

  • Missed events list all events assigned to you that occurred in the past without any of your actions. Missed events always appear on the top of the list view.
    • If the inspector misses a scheduled inspection at a specific time and a site visit has not started yet, the inspection moves to the top of the Missed Events list. The list shows in the My Today view the next day until the inspection has been processed. It helps inspectors keep themselves up-to-date even if there are changes in the schedules.
  • Scheduled events list all events that are assigned to you and scheduled to happen from today onwards.
  • In progress lists all events that are assigned to you and are already set into progress.
  • Canceled events (if any) will also be listed in this view.


Expand a section by clicking Open on the right.

Collapse the single view by clicking Close on the right of the section.

In the example beside, there is one missed event. 

The assignee can still start working on it by reassigning it to someone else (Reassign)or starting inspection right away by clicking Inspect.  

In Progress section houses all inspections and events already in the process. However, they are not completed yet.

The red color code indicates due and overdue.
The yellow color anticipates the upcoming deadline.

You can sort the inspections and events by date, selecting the desired date from the calendar.

You can filter out Today´s inspections and events by clicking See Today´s Events.
You can continue any inspection in the view by clicking the Continue Inspection button of the selected inspection.


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