Release Notes 2021-06-08

New Features

Submit property data manually if it's not found automatically

Occasionally, when a location is selected for a property, there are gaps in the GIS data, which results in a situation "Property information not found". From now on this is not a problem anymore, since all the property information can be entered manually in case the GIS system does not return necessary data. Until now, user has been able to enter Civic address if it's missing, but following information is also now editable:

  • Roll number
  • Legal description

When entered, user is able to continue creating a new application and municipal authority is able to correct the property data if needed.

Manually submitted property data can be updated from GIS

Continuing from the previous new feature above, if the application has been submitted with manually inputted property data, authority users can be updated from the GIS once the information is available there. This is often the case e.g. with Subdivision or Severance when new property information has not yet been updated in the registries.

Updating the property data is simple:

  1. Select "Update workspace location" from the More actions drop-down menu
  2. Click on the same property on a map so that data is updated from the GIS
  3. Confirm updated data
NOTE: updating the data for an application is allowed only for authority users.

Find newly issued permits more easily

When a permit is issued, an email is sent out to let Applicants know that the permit has been issued. In addition to that, we have added more ways to increase awareness of the new permit. This includes:

  • A link in the permit number at the top part of the Workspace. Clicking the link will bring the user to the permit section automatically
  • A notification banner describing that a permit has been issued as well as a direct link to the permit
  • A link in the email to the Applicant which takes the user directly to the permit.

Additional property information can be displayed for a property

Municipality GIS systems may include a lot of important data for the Applicant which may be useful to present while creating a new application or when the Authority user is reviewing it. This information could be e.g. Heritage areas, Flooding areas etc. We now introduce a mechanism to display the information visually to users (see an example above). To get this data enabled to Your municipality, please contact our Customer Success team.

Bambora online payment integration

A new integration to Bambora online payment system is now available for all customers. At the moment, Cloudpermit supports three different online payment integrations and there are more to come in the future:

  • E-Xact / Chase Paymentech
  • Moneris
  • Bambora

Online payment integrations are setup and configured by the municipality administrator.

Import permit data from previous backoffice systems

We are introducing a new Data importer for bringing pre-Cloudpermit permit data into Cloudpermit from municipalities' legacy backoffice systems. With the importer it is possible to process large amount of old permits into Cloudpermit at once using a simple excel file. The importer itself is an easy-to-use self-service tool which is used to map different data fields to each other so that Cloudpermit is able to recognise it correctly.

If You're interested in getting the Data import tool for Your municipality, send us a message and we will be in touch with You shortly.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved feedback for selecting a complex enough password

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