How to check the application´s subject property information

This tutorial outlines how you can easily find your application's detailed subject property information after signing off and submitting it.

Step 1: Select the submitted application in your Dashboard which information you want to revise. Go to the application card and lick Open Workspace. 

You will navigate to the Application Workspace. The upper part of the application workspace provides detailed information about the subject property and the submitted application.

  • There appears the subject property address on the first row (0 Greystead Drive, Middlesex Centre). 
  • The next row outlines the purpose of the permit (Combined use) with other details.
  • Show messages -link provides the messaging functionality regarding the application. You can message with all parties of the application so that everybody sees the messaging thread, or you can select a party to message privately.
  • You will get email notifications if the switch in Email Notifications is set to a yes position.
  • The map on the left-hand side shows the subject property location on the map.
  • The roll number is automatically selected according to the subject property´s address and location within the municipality.
  • The legal description identifies the subject property for lawful purposes.
  • The Submitted field outlines the date and time you have applied.
  • The permit number generates automatically from the municipality.

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