How to check the application´s property information

This tutorial outlines how to check the submitted application's  property information.

Go to the application workspace.
The details of the property appear at the top of the application.
There the following information:

  • The subject property address is on the first row.
  • The next row outlines the purpose of the application. It includes the work target and work type.
  • "Show messages" -link opens the "Messaging" where you can send and receive messages within the application.
  • The "Messaging" contains public messages which everybody can see and collaborate within the application. Direct messaging means sending a message to a person without any other parties to view it.

  • You can decide whether you want to have an email notification regarding the application by selecting the "Yes" option.

  • The map on the left shows the subject property location. You can zoom in and out on the map.
  • The roll number is automatically selected according to the subject property's address and location within the municipality.
  • The legal description identifies the subject property for lawful purposes.
  • The "Submitted" outlines the date and time you have applied.
  • The permit number is generated automatically by the municipality.

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