How to review applications

After the application submission, authorities will start the review process on it. The municipal authority set the application to In Review step. The review includes the application data and attachments validation, possible circulation rounds, reviews from other building and planning experts, and fees and permit preparations. After starting the review, applicants will receive an email notification regarding the status change in their applications.

This section explains on how to conduct the basic review process.

  1. Click Begin Review in the Application workspace.
  2. Scroll down to Application Data.
  3. If the application type contains the "Permit Information for Principal Authority" form, fill it out.
  4. Scroll down to Attachments.
  5. Validate each attachment by clicking the three dots (...) on the selected attachment row.
  6. Select Approve attachment from the drop-down menu.
  7. The selected attachment is now validated.
  8. Suppose the attachment needs changes, select Attachment Changes required from the drop-down list. The Applicant will receive an email notification regarding the change request, and the same message appears in the Applicant's Tasks and requests section.
  9. If the application needs reviews from other building experts or organizations, scroll to Reviews. The application will be in the In Review step until the review round is completed. After that, you can continue to the permit issuance step by clicking the Ready to Issue button at the application's top. If any reviews are still open, the option remains inactive. 
  10. Click Add New Review+. 
  11. Select a review type from the Review type drop-down menu: 
  • CBO review
  • Application in general
  • Architectural plans review
  • Zoning review.

      12. Select the Reviewer from the drop-down menu.

       13. Click Save Review Request.

14. If you must reassign the review request to another Reviewer, click Reassign Review.

15. Select the Reviewer from the drop-down menu. 

16. After selecting the Reviewer, you will return to the Review request. The new Reviewer is shown in the request.

17. If the application needs to be circulated to another organization, scroll down to Circulation. Several departments, external agencies, and corporations (stakeholders) may participate in the application assessment. The responsible department circulates the application to other organizations, requesting comments or approvals.
Your local government authority has pre-configured the required departments and stakeholders for Cloudpermit.

18. Click Add Circulation Request.

19. Fill out the form:

  • Due date
  • Select additional visibility
  • Select the organization from the Request Circulation from the (organization) drop-down menu. The amount of organization is not limited. You can select as many as needed.

20. Click Add New +.

21. Click Send Circulation Request.

22. Once the application is reviewed, all reviews and circulation rounds are completed, and the permitting bill must be added to the application.

23. Scroll to Fees & Payments.

23. Click Add Permit Bill+.

24. Select the fee item from the drop-down menu.

25. Select a Payer from the drop-down menu.

26. Click Confirm Bill.

27. Click Confirm Bill.

28. The permit bill is added and confirmed. The invoice is generated automatically. The Applicant, Payer, and Property Owner will receive an email notification regarding the outstanding invoice. The invoice is included in the email.

29. Once the Applicant has paid the bill, the municipal authority will acknowledge the bill in Cloudpermit. After that, the permit is issued.


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