How to review applications

This tutorial outlines how to perform a review of the application. After starting the review, applicants will receive an email notification about the status change in their applications.

Go to the application workspace and click "Begin review."

Check the data in each section carefully.
Go to the "Application data". Check the application form(s).
If they require changes from the Applicant, see instructions for approving the validity of forms in applications. 
If the application needs a review, click "Add new review+."

Select a review type from the drop-down menu list:
  • CBO review
  • Application in general
  • Architectural plans review
  • Zoning review.

Select the reviewer from the drop-down menu list.

Click "Save review request."

You have now created a new review request.
If needed, you can reassign it to another reviewer by clicking "Reassign review."

See instructions for reassigning a review request.

The application will be in the "In review" status until the review round is completed.
After that, you can continue to the permit issuance step by clicking "Ready to issue."
You may need to circulate the application to your municipality authorities.

Several departments, external agencies, and corporations (stakeholders) may participate in the application assessment. The responsible department circulates the application to other organizations, requesting comments or approvals.

Your local government authority has pre-configured the required departments and stakeholders for Cloudpermit.

If the application needs circulation, go to the "Circulation" section and click "Add circulation request."

See instructions for adding a circulation request.

Once the application is reviewed and ready to be issued, scroll to the "Fees & Payments" section in the application workspace.

Click "Add new bill+."

Select "new fee item" from the drop-down menu list.

Click "Confirm bill" at the bottom right.
Click "Confirm bill."
Success - You have added a new permit bill to the application.

The review is now on hold and waits for the Applicant to pay the bill.

The Applicant, Payer, and Property Owner have received an email notification about the payment waiting.

Once the payment has been acknowledged in the local government department, the permit can be issued.


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