How to complete a review and create a permit bill for an application

This tutorial outlines how to complete an application review and create a permit bill for the application. 

Find the subject property application that remains in Submitted status in your Dashboard´s workspace.

Click Open Workspace on the application card to enter the Application Workspace.

Scroll down to the Application section.

The Required Tasks progress bar shows that the Application requires attention.

Scroll down to the Applications block and expand it by clicking Open.
Click the application to open the form.

Fill in the application—fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill out.

Cloudpermit saves it automatically.

Click Return to Application button on the top left to navigate to the Application Workspace.

The completed application appears in the Application block.

You are now ready to start reviewing the application.

Click Begin Review.
The status of the application has turned to In Review.

There appear two new blocks in the Application Workspace: Reviews and Circulation.

If the application requires separate review(s) from
Review block:

If the application requires separate review(s), for example, from zoning or architectural building professionals, the review request must be filled out. 

See instruction for requesting a review for a building application.
Circulation block:

Several departments, external agencies, and corporations (stakeholders) may participate in the application assessment. The responsible main department circulates the application to other organizations, requesting comments or approvals. Comments and approvals can be requested concurrently, speeding up the application processing.

The required departments and stakeholders are pre-configured to the Cloudpermit by the local government authority.

If circulation is needed for the application, fill in the circulation request form.

Once the application has been reviewed and completed to be issued, scroll up to the Fees & Payments block.

You must add a permit bill before changing the status to Ready to Issue.

Click Add Permit Bill to open a billing form.
Select a fee item from the drop-down menu.
Once done, click Confirm Bill.
A confirmation dialog opens. Click Confirm Bill.
A new permit bill is successfully created, and it remains in Unpaid status.

The application´s status has changed to Ready to Issue.

A new block appears in the application -Permits. After the applicant has paid the permitting bill, the permit will be created in the Permit block.

The applicant, payer, and property owner have received an email notification about the payment waiting.

Once the received online payment has been acknowledged in the local government department, the permit can be issued.


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