Release Notes 2021-04-27

New Features

Inspection orders can include deficiencies from any inspection

Many times when an order is issued to the applicant, the order includes deficiencies which were highlighted within multiple inspection visits, not just one. Therefore we have moved the orders out from the inspection view and put it in the Workspace view. This means that whenever the inspector issues an order, s/he is able to select deficiencies from any inspection.

New attributes available for the payment receipt

We added new attributes which can be used in the receipt template. Following new attributes are available:

  • Workspace primary address
  • Payer's company name (if it exists)
  • Permit number
  • Cloudpermit ID

These attributes need to be added manually to current template by the municipality administrator. If you need help setting them up, please contact our Customer support.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Attachment preview opens always now the selected version, not the latest one.
  • List of required and upcoming inspections is now displayed fully for the Applicants. Previously they only saw upcoming inspections and everything else was behind a "show/hide" link.
  • The name of the district, county or upper-tier municipality is also now displayed for the users in the UI. This means that the address for e.g. East St. Paul, Manitoba is now displayed as "200 Awesome Avenue, East St. Paul, Red River Planning District".
  • Indicator for unread messages stays now visible until the messages are actually seen by the user. This applies to both public and direct messages.

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