Release Notes 2021-03-30

Happy Easter everyone! We are again releasing a lot of new features and improvements in Cloudpermit. See our Release notes below to find out what new you can expect this time!

New Features

New login screen

We have refreshed our Login screen! We wanted to put the most important actions on the spotlight so logging in and registration are now more prominent than before. Check it out and let us know what do you think?

New party roles

Following new roles have been added in Cloudpermit. These are not enabled automatically so the municipality administrator needs to enable them in order for other users to use them:

  • Electrical contractor
  • Mechanical contractor
  • General contractor

Send multiple circulation requests at the same time

When the application is circulated to other stakeholders and a request for their review is being created, municipality user is able to select multiple recipients at the same time and send individual requests all at once. First recipient is selected and after that, other recipients can be selected or removed from the recipient list.

Missed inspections are carried on to the next day

If the Inspector misses a scheduled inspection at certain day and a site visit is not started, that inspection is moved to the list of "Missed events" which will be shown next day in My today view until the inspection is processed. This helps the inspectors keep themselves up-to-date even if there are changes with the schedules.

New report: Reviews

A new report for Reviews and Review events is added to Reporting. Every Review include at least one Review event, but if changes are requested from the applicant and Review is left open, another Review event is required in order to complete the review.

New fields for saving licence and registration information in My profile

All users are now able to add multiple registrations and licences under their own profile. List if different licences and registrations is growing so if you see that something useful is missing, let us know and we will make them available!

Personal presets are added to Inspections and Reviews reports

Users are able to create and save their personal reporting filters (see our article how to do that) and now this feature is available also for Inspections and Reviews report.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • All municipality users are now able to see Direct messages of a Workspace where at least one other municipality user is participating. They can not participate in the discussion if they are not originally selected as a recipient but they are able to see the conversation in a read-only mode.
  • Inspection Request notes and Dispatching notes are added to the My today view so that inspectors can check them more easily before entering the construction site.
  • Internal notes of the inspection site visits are included in the corresponding inspection Site visit report.
  • Reviewer names are now shown in alphabetical order in dropdown list where a user is assigned to a review.
  • Municipality users can use phrases in Permit description when issuing a permit and in Review comments.
  • Fee code and GL code are added to the Online payment report so if these are configured for the fee items, they will show up in the report.
  • Circulation request description and due date is added to the email which goes out to the recipient of circulation request.

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