Release Notes 2021-02-02

New Features

Fee schedule backup

Municipality administrator is able to take a backup of the Fee schedule by exporting it and saving to the computer. Exported schedules can then be imported back, if necessary. Imported schedules are not published automatically so this operation is safe to execute.

New work targets, attachment types and a role

Some new work targets are added, see the list below. These are not selected automatically so the municipality administrator needs to enable (and configure if needed) them in order for the applicants to apply.

  • Commercial
    • Storage garage / Building for Commercial
  • Combined use
    • Industrial / Commercial
  • Plumbing
    • Municipal connection

Following new attachment types are added and they also need to be enabled by the municipality administrator before they can be used in Cloudpermit.

  • Report
  • Certificate
  • Letter

Finally, a new party role is added:

  • Tenant

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