Release Notes 2020-12-21

New Features

"Create new application" -wizard enhancements

Bunch of enhancements have been added to the new application wizard: Detailed hierarchy, better instructions and more selections.

First of all, all current Categories can be included into any of the six different, pre-defined Project types: Institutional, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial and Other. This classification is what the applicant also sees and is able to select while creating a new application.

Example from municipality configuration:

After selecting a suitable project type, applicant is presented with a selection of a Category, Work type and Work target. Work type and target selection was previously visible only in the workspace after the application was created, but now it's available already earlier. This helps users to identify the correct application type as early as possible.

Finally, more guidance and instructions are included - and some of them are available for the municipalities themselves to update. Municipality admins can modify a Category description for each category which is then presented to the applicant when any category is selected.

Example from municipality configuration:

NOTE: Categories are not automatically divided under Project types. They need to be configured separately in order to utilize them. In other words, by default, applicant will not see them when creating an application until configuration is done for your organization.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer support to find out more and receive help on these great enhancements!

Moneris online payment

We have added a support for Moneris online payment solution so that municipalities can choose to offer online permit payments through Moneris to the applicants in addition to over-the-counter payments. Once the municipality has signed up with Moneris and configured their hosted payment page, they can set up the integration in Cloudpermit and possibility to pay online is available immediately.

New application types for all building departments

  • Application for Sign permit
  • Application for Transfer of permit
  • Application for Change of use

All these new application types are available for the applicants once taken into use and set up by the municipality admin.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Phrases are moved from admin menu Configuration to Templates.
  • Bills can now be added and processed also during the construction phase. A section for Fees & Payments is located under Work phase and new bills can be added at any time before the project is completed.
  • We have added a possibility to select any field in any application form to be included in the permit report. This completes the permit reporting even more and enables municipality users to run extremely detailed reporting.

With this final release for 2020, Cloudpermit development team would like to thank all of you for the journey this year! We would also like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and excellent New Year 2021. There are a lot of awesome things coming out so stay tuned and be safe!

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