Release Notes 2021-11-09

New Features

New Templates menu for the municipality admin

In efforts to organize settings better, we combined all templates and other configuration settings related to them into a new Templates menu. This is only visible for municipality administrator user. The following configuration items can be now found in Templates menu:

  • Permit templates
  • Receipt template
  • Uploaded images used in templates
  • Phrases
  • Header configuration (logo, contact information) for generated PDFs of prescribed forms

While not included in this release, we will also move the Inspection report templates and Order templates into the new Templates menu in the future.

Resubmission of new plans & drawings

Occasionally, during construction, there are iterations which require updating already approved plans & drawings. This is why we are proud to release a Plans resubmission functionality. On Cloudpermit, applicants can now apply for Plans resubmission, attach new plans & drawings and describe the changes to the municipal authority, which will either approve or decline the submission. This process could include extra fees related to the resubmission.

Cloudpermit supports new Plans resubmission and any user authorized (builders, applicants, plans reviewer, CBO, etc.) in the workspace can start applying it. Resubmission application workspaces and the building permit application workspaces are linked together so that everyone can see that there is a connection between these two applications.

The plans resubmission process starts by a user selecting Apply for plans resubmission from the secondary menu in the building permit application workspace (see below).

Duplicate inspection request to assign an additional inspector

In some cases more than one inspector is needed to carry out an inspection. This might be because a senior-junior are working in pairs for example, onboarding, or the inspection may need qualifications that one inspector can not fulfill. It is the dispatcher’s duty to decide when more than one inspectors are needed.

On Cloudpermit, the dispatcher can now duplicate an inspection request and assign them to two different inspectors. 

Duplicated inspection request appears on both inspectors My Today view and both of them can update information on the same inspection site visit.

New order types for inspections

We have added new order types for inspections. All of them have configurable templates to meet the individual needs of the municipality. When an order is issued in the inspection view, the inspector is able to choose which template to use. The following new order types are added within this release:

  • Order to Uncover - Pursuant to Subsection 13(6)
  • Order Requiring Tests and Samples - Pursuant to Clause 18(1)(f)
  • Order to Comply - Pursuant to Subsection 12(2)
  • (Order to Comply - Pursuant to Subsection 15.9(4)))
    • This already existed on Cloudpermit
  • Emergency Order to Comply - Pursuant to Subsection 15.10(1)
  • Order Prohibiting Occupancy - Pursuant to Subsection 15.9(6)
  • Stop Work Order - Pursuant to Subsection 14(1)

Order templates are pre-configured by default, but it is recommended to revise and configure them before they are taken into use.

Save presets for recurring permit reports

Municipalities often have many recurring periodical (bi-weekly, monthly, yearly) permit reports that are generated using standard filters and selections. These can include e.g. StatsCan Report, Tarion Report or Construction Value Report just to mention a few.

It is now easier to generate recurring permit reports using Saved presets on Cloudpermit's Reporting functionality. Users can now create and save filters based on a custom combination of criteria that meets the need of a specific reports. All presets are personal and can be modified only by the user itself. When a report needs to be generated, just select your report from the dropdown menu and click "Download report".

Checking scheduled inspections for the upcoming days in My Today view

Inspectors want and need to check their inspections that have been scheduled for the next or the following days. For example, inspectors want to plan ahead the route for the next day. day switcher has been added to My Today view which allows browsing through the days and checking inspections on specific days.

New Reports for Fees & Payments

New reports for Fees and Payments have been added to Cloudpermit. Municipality users with access to Reporting can generate reports that include information about Online payments and individual fee payments. Fee reports can be filtered by Paid or Confirmed bills and by a selected time period.

Intelligent inspector recommendations

If there are many inspectors with different qualifications, working in different areas around the municipality carrying out inspections, it can take a lot of effort to find the appropriate inspector for a requested inspection. Cloudpermit can already be configured with Qualifications for inspectors as well as Work areas for each inspector. Using this data, Cloudpermit now intelligently recommends the most suitable inspector with the least amount of scheduled work to the Dispatcher for easier dispatching routines.

To start using Cloudpermit Intelligent Dispatching Engine, contact our Customer support team to find out how to configure your municipality for it.

Should you need any assistance on how to use Cloudpermit or to hear more about these great new features, our Customer support team is happy to help you!

Bug fixes and improvements

As always, we are constantly improving Cloudpermit's quality with smaller fixes and improvements. This time, Cloudpermit is a little bit better because of the following items:

  • Application sign-offs now work more reliably when multiple users need to sign-off an application to be submitted.
  • A link to workspace is added to the Inspection request item in the Dispatching view so that it is easier to check more details of an application. No need to go to Dashboard anymore to search for the application.
  • If you want to have map always closed in Dispatching view, just close it next time and it remains closed forever. And if you want to have it open, it will always be open. Your choice!
  • General improvements for the reviews. Especially when there are errors, those are explained better.

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