Release Notes 2020-10-19

New Features

Completely new and improved Dashboard search

We are pretty excited about this! Dashboard search has been replaced by a better version of itself. First of all, search parameters were previously available only for municipality users, but now they are brought to all users of Cloudpermit. So if you are an Applicant or a Designer, you can also utilize the new search.

Secondly, all users are provided with five Quick Searches which are personal and fully customizable. These are shortcuts for your mostly used searches. If you have more than five favourites, rest are available from a drop-down menu Saved filters. They are also right within the reach of your hand whenever you need them.

Last but not least, we are introducing workspace Quick Filtering by pre-defined filters. These filters vary based on your account type in Cloudpermit (Applicant, Authority, Stakeholder etc), but most important filters such as Status and Category are available for everyone.

There are also lots of smaller improvements not mentioned here, so go ahead, try it out yourself and let us know what you think! You can also give this Release note a thumbs-up below if you like these new features.

Municipality user can close a project once construction is completed

There comes a time when construction is completed and all the work is finished. After the workspace status is changed to Finished, municipality user is able to close the project so that no more new application can be added in the project. And yes, we've included a possibility to reopen it if closing was just a human error.

Workspace can include multiple properties for an application

Municipality user can add more properties for an application if construction covers more than one property. These additional properties are selected on the map and displayed for all users in the workspace. All properties are also listed e.g. in the permit PDF.

A QR-code pointing to application workspace can be included in the permit PDF

We have added a new variable %qr-code% which can be inserted in the permit template (maintained by the municipality admin user). Variable will add a QR-code in the permit PDF and when scanned e.g. with a mobile phone, it opens a link pointing directly to the application workspace.

If you would like to know more on these new features, do not hesitate to contact our Customer support.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Inspections: When remarks are added during an inspection visit, they don't need to be eventually marked as compliant/not compliant. They are just remarks after all. Add a Deficiency instead if you need to track down the item.
  • Adding a New fee schedule resulted sometimes as Unknown error. Fixed, gone, no more Unknown error!
  • Everyone wants to have some anonymity in the internet, right? We understand that very well. It's OK most of the time but not when you are creating a new Fee schedule. From now on, a name for a schedule must be given in order to publish it. Goodbye untitled Fee schedules! (Actually it was a bug but this sounds more amusing...)
  • Selected sorting option (e.g. Recently submitted first) in Dashboard search is now saved and it is not cleared until a new sorting option is selected. It wasn't working perfectly previously. Now it's perfect and we also added a couple of new sorting options: Oldest modified first and Recently modified first.

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