Release Notes 2020-09-28

New Features

Project view

Further updates to Project view have arrived. In addition to updates in last release, we are introducing following new information in the Project view:

  • Applications (updated layout!)
  • Outstanding payments
  • Orders and outstanding deficiencies
  • Inspections

All this information is naturally limited to applications within the project.

From now on, Projects are limited to one municipality. In other words, there can not be two applications in different municipalities in one project.

We have also improved the flow for creating new applications so that your next application will default to the municipality of your previous application. If you mostly or solely do business in one municipality, you don't need to select the municipality every time for a new application.

Email notifications of expiring permits

Cloudpermit starts to send out email notifications in following cases:

  • Construction is not started after permit is issued
  • Permit is about to expire
  • Permit is expired

By default, reminder to start construction comes 6 months after issued permit and permit expiry 30 days before expiration, but these schedules might vary between municipalities.

Download attachments, make changes and upload changed files back as new versions

During the application review, the municipal authority might request you the revise your submitted attachments and upload new versions to Cloudpermit. After downloading the files to your computer, you are now able to upload them back so that they are automatically uploaded as new versions of the existing files.

Attachment file name must not be changed or the recognition of a new version is not successful.

For more information about all these great new features, please contact our Customer support if you have any questions.

Bug fixes and improvements

In addition to delivering bunch of new stuff, we went to hunt bugs and chased enhancements and here is the outcome.

  • When the Dispatcher goes to save inspection notes, there's now only one (1) success notification for that, not dozens of them. Less is more.
  • Don't you just hate unnecessary mandatory fields? Yeah, we feel you. That's why the Circulation due date is no longer mandatory. But don't blame us if the respond to your Circulation request takes sooooo loooooong now.
  • Some vital information was missing from the Dashboard, we added it, so there it is now.
    • Oh you want to know what it is? Well it's.......should we reveal it? Okay, it is the Company information of a user. You're welcome.
  • Attachment view had a nasty bug where some texts were overlapping when the screen was dragged narrower. No more overlapping.
  • People are not usually good calculating how long time has passed from a certain date. To reduce the cognitive load your brains have, we changed all Application updated information so that it is more user friendly. Previously it was just Updated 2020-09-04 and now it is Updated 3 weeks ago. A lot easier to understand isn't it?
  • In the inspection view, there is more information visible. We added the Permit number, Permit description and links to application and project so things are more transparent now.

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