Release Notes 2020-09-07

New Features

Updates for the Project view

We have started to improve Project view by adding more information and enhancements. These improvements include e.g. Property information, tasks related to project applications, inspections within a project, new layout for applications, fees in the project etc. Updates are getting rolled out within next few months and today we are introducing these first updates:

Property information for a project: Street address of a Primary property (and application) is displayed at the top section of a project along with the roll number and zoning information.

Address change: Users can change Primary address, which sets that address as the Project address as well. Address can be selected from all application addresses inside the project.

Tasks related to project applications: All open tasks for any application inside the project are displayed in the section "Tasks and project updates".

Stay tuned for next updates in the next Cloudpermit release!

Rename reviews and add new reviews

Municipality users are now able to rename existing reviews and add new reviews. Layout of the review config is improved to be more user-friendly. Take a look at our support article on how to configure reviews in more detail.

GL (General Ledger) code for a fee item

Configuration for fee items support now adding a GL code for a fee item. Code can be inserted for a fee item under Advanced options in the Fees configuration. In the future, GL codes will be available in the Fees reporting (to be released later) but it might be a good idea to start adding the codes already now so that the data from today is available also later.

New StatsCan work and building type for minor applications

Minor permits or other permits outside of official StatsCan work and building codes can be now reported to MPAC using option "Other" as a work and/or building type. Selection of work and building types can be found in the form Permit information for Principal Authority.

"Other"-selection is available for new applications by default and for existing applications only if Work type and Work target are re-selected in the application workspace.

Changing Work type and target after application is submitted

Municipality users are now allowed to change Work type and Work target after application is submitted. When changed, corresponding Party, Form, Attachment and Review requirements are reloaded, which can cause that applicant needs to submit new information which was not required previously.

See also our support article about how to select correct Work type and Work target and complete the application.

Should you have any questions regarding our new features, please contact our Customer support to find out more and receive help!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Responsiveness fixes for the Dashboard and Project view. Cloudpermit is better now when browsing with a mobile phone or with tablet.
  • It was previously possible, that the button for removing an invitation from a Party was not sometimes hidden or disabled when it should have been. This caused unexpected side effects. From now on, if you need to remove the invitation, the button is more reliably visible or hidden, depending on whether you're allowed to do that. Good, yeah!
  • It is annoying when things are only partly visible when they should be fully. Date picker was once like this, but not anymore. It has been fixed to deliver its full potential, which is ...hold on ...selecting a date. 
  • Dispatchers life became a little bit easier, because we removed Revoked, Finished and Dormant status applications from appearing in search results when selecting an existing application for inspections.
  • Even smallest things can sometimes be complicated. Believe it or not, we did a couple of UI improvements for checkbox! You know the box which you click and it's selected and then you click again and it's unselected. Splendid!

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