Release Notes 2020-08-17

New Features

Pre-configuring default Work Type and Work Target for a permit application

Sometimes one step less is even more steps less. Municipality admin user can now pre-select default Work type and Work target so that the applicant don't need to when a new application is created. This is extremely useful for Categories that only have one single Work type and Work target. After the application is submitted, municipality user can still change the default Work type and Work target if necessary.

In addition to that, Admin user can select whether Applicant is allowed to change the default Work type and Target or if it's restricted to municipality users only.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • When you submit an application, you most likely want to know the exact submission date and time at every phase of the project, right? Before there were moments it wasn't unfortunately available. Now it's back and stays there forever so that you can come back at June 26th 2030 and still see that your application was submitted on August 17th 2020 11:34 a.m.

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